3.22 Resolution of Staff Complaints/Problem Solving

The District will endeavor to promote fair and honest treatment of all employees.  Administrators and employees are all expected to treat each other with mutual respect.  Each employee has the right to express his or her views concerning policies or practices to the administration in a businesslike manner, without fear of retaliation.  Employees are encouraged to offer positive and constructive criticism.
Each employee is expected to follow established rules of conduct, policies, and practices.  Should an employee disagree with a policy or practice, the employee can express his or her disagreement through the District’s uniform grievance procedure.  No employee shall be penalized, formally or informally, for voicing a disagreement with the District in a reasonable, businesslike manner, or for using the uniform grievance procedure.  The uniform grievance procedure can be found in Board Policy, Chapter One: Board of Trustees.
A union employee filing a grievance regarding provisions under a collective bargaining agreement is required to follow the grievance procedure for that particular agreement and is prohibited from filing that particular grievance under the District’s uniform complaint policy.
Policy History:
Adopted On: 01.14.2003
Revised On:
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