Comprehensive School and Community Treatment Program (CSCT)

Program Overview


CSCT is designed to successfully maintain the youth in the least restrictive classroom placement.  Unfortunately, many youth with special needs leave the community for more restrictive placement due to the failure of their school placement. The stresses of academic learning, social interaction and unstable family dynamics are often too difficult for emotionally disturbed youth to manage.

CSCT fully incorporates the wraparound philosophy of care.  Services are offered unconditionally and promote normalization. Because services are offered in the regular classroom setting and during recess and transition times, the youth experiences social interaction, activity and academic instruction similar to his or her peers.  No behavioral issue is deemed too difficult to target as long as the necessary resources are available, other elements of CSCT include ensuring individualized service, family focus, strength-based perspective, cost-effectiveness, and cultural sensitivity.

CSCT Sites


CSCT in Helena is being provided by two local agencies. A.W.A.R.E., INC. and Intermountain Children’s Home. 

A.W.A.R.E. INC. services are available at Bryant Elementary, Central Elementary and CR Anderson Middle School. 

Intermountain Children's Home services are available at Broadwater, Rossiter and Smith elementary, Helena Middle School, Capital High School, Helena High School and Project for Alternative Learners - PAL.

If you would like to hear more about the CSCT program please contact the your building Social Service Coordinator or program supervisor listed below. 


CSCT Program Contact Information


A.W.A.R.E. Contact Information:

Carter Andersen - (406) 449-3120 or candersen@aware-inc.org


Intermountain Children’s Home Contact Information:

Contact: Justin Murgel - (406) 442-7920 or jmurgel@intermountain.org


CSCT School Contact Information


A.W.A.R.E. Locations:
Bryant Elementary School
Principal – Nick Radley– (406) 324-1200
Social Service Coordinator – Pam Campbell

Central Elementary
Principal – Merry Fahrman (406) 324-1230
Social Service Coordinator – Sandee Sept

CR Anderson Middle School
Principal – Bruce Campbell - (406) 324-2800
Assistant Principal – David Thennis
Social Service Coordinator – Doug Dellwo

Intermountain Children’s Home Locations:

Broadwater Elementary School
Principal – Sue Sweeney – (406) 324-1130
Social Service Coordinator – Dodie Heffner

Rossiter Elementary School
Principal – Kareen Bangert – (406) 324-1500
Social Service Coordinator – Helena Fee

Smith Elementary School
Principal Jilyn Oliveira - (406) 324-1530
Social Service Corrdinator - Iris Ziegler

Helena Middle School
Principal – Josh McKay – (406) 324-1000
Assistant Principal – Vanessa Nasset
Social Service Coordinator – Allison Kaufman
Capital High School
Principal – Elisabeth Hudnutt (406) 324-2500
Assistant Principals – Walt Chancy and Kathy Kidder
Social Service Coordinator – Heidi Foreman

Helena High School
Principal - Steve Thennis - (406) 324-2200
Assistant Principals - Brett Zanto and Joslyn Davidson and Dawn Rowling
Social Service Coordinator - Kristen Lyndes

Project for Alternative Learners – PAL
Principal – Frank Jobe - (406) 324-1630


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