Broadwater Elementary School

Broadwater Elementary School

900 Hollins Avenue
Helena, MT 59601
Main phone: 406.324.1130
Fax: 406.324.1131
TDD: 406.324.1149

Email: broadwater@helena.k12.mt.us

Principal: Ms. Sue Sweeney
Secretary: Ms. Karen Lorenz
Grades: K - 5


Broadwater Temperature Guidelines

Above 10 degrees--no restrictions

10 degrees to zero--duration of recess may be limited and announced

zero or below zero--indoor recess

Wind chill factor is considered in determining outdoor recess.

Broadwater uses a weather station located at the school as the source of information used to determine temperature decisions at Broadwater School.


Broadwater Mission Statement


We are passionate, inquisitive, and creative; learning to be best we can be.

We value perseverance, integrity, compassion, balance and fun.

We will inspire joyful, rigorous learning and foster physical, emotional, and academic wellness as a collaborative community.

We have four Universals that guide our actions on our journey:

Be Respectful

Be Responsible

Be Safe

Be a Learner


Keeping Kids Healthy!

With school back in session and the weather getting cooler, the opportunity for germs to spread and cause illness is increasing.  There are a number of things parents can do to help keep their children healthy and in school:

·         Remind your children to frequently wash their hands; before they eat, after they have recess and after they use the bathroom.  Proper hand washing is the single most important behavior in preventing the transmission of many infectious diseases

·         Avoid close contact  with children and adults who are showing signs of illness

·         Check with your health care practitioner about immunizations for those diseases that can be prevented with vaccination ie: Influenza and Chicken Pox

·         Remind your student to cough into his elbow or shoulder

In addition, to help keep our school community healthy please keep your student home if:

·         S/He has a fever of 100 degrees or over

·         S/He appears ill and you suspect it may interfere with his ability to be an active learner ie: s/he is coughing repeatedly

·         S/He has nausea and vomiting, cramping or diarrhea

If you have questions or concerns about school health, please feel free to contact our school nurse, Shannon McNamee RN, at 422-7013

Keepingkidshealthy.pdf (41.4 KB)

Broadwater Parent Engagement Survey

As a Title I school, we are required to do a needs assessment each year to identify what parents and families feel they need to be engaged in their student's learning both at the school and more importantly at home. Please complete the survey below to share your ideas about how the school can assist you in fulfilling your role as an equal partner with us in your student's education. We value your feedback!

 Parent Engagement Survey


2014-2015 Climate Surveys Results


Broadwater Parent Results




2013-14 Climate Surveys

Climate Survey Results

BroadwaterParentSurveyPublic2013-14.pdf (176.5 KB)

Facility Assessment

BroadwaterFACILITYASSESSMENT.pdf (1475.7 KB)

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