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                                    Peer Mentor Contract 2008-09
Peer Mentoring is a program designed to help bridge the gap between freshman and upperclassman and to help with the transition from middle school to high school. It is also a program for HHS mentors to work with Middle school and Elementary school students in our community. I agree with and understand the following terms and accept the responsibilities of this program.
*    I agree to attend all required Peer Mentor Functions, and understand that if I do not attend it will reflect on my grade.
·        I must pass all of my classes with at least a “C” and if I need help I will ask for it. I understand that I will be asked to stop Peer Mentoring until my grades show improvement.
·        I understand that all the rules and requirements for confidentiality apply in my conversations. When I do not understand I will ask for help. When necessary, I will direct the person to someone else.
·        I will act in an appropriate manner for Peer Mentoring. This includes dressing appropriately for activities and acting in a respectable manner. I understand that I am setting an example for Helena High School and the entire student body.
·        I commit to the assignments that are assigned to me and I will complete them to the best of my ability.
·        I will not use Peer Mentoring as an excuse for missing class, being late to class, or not doing my own school work. I also realize and accept that “skipping” my classes or writing unauthorized notes for other students to skip classes is unacceptable and will result in my dismissal from the program.
·        I understand that Peer Mentoring is a class which requires personal discipline and self-direction. The privileges given to me are in fact privileges and I will not misuse them. I understand that the misuse of my Peer Mentor privileges or breaking this contract will result in my suspension and/or dismissal from the Peer Mentor Program.
·        I am expected to be a role model for other students – which includes obeying all laws. If I am charged with breaking the law ( i.e. MIP, shoplifting) this could result in dismissal from the Peer Mentoring program.
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TO: All Peer Mentor Applicants
FROM: Mrs. Williams
RE: Peer Mentor Application
Dear Peer Mentor Applicant:
Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the Peer Mentor Program. It is with the contributions of each Peer Mentor that this program will be a success. In order to be considered as a candidate for a Peer Mentor position, you must complete the following procedures:
I.                   Application – turned in by March7, 2008
II.                Letters of Recommendation given to teachers – must be turned in by 3/7/08
III.             I will contact you about scheduling an interview.
IV.              Positive Attitude – bring it with you everywhere!
Thanks for your pursuits in helping others!
            Peer Mentor Application
Name _____________________________________________
Grade _________
Address ___________________________________________
Phone # __________________ email ____________________________
Please read over all of the questions before writing your responses. Type or print your answers in blue or black ink. If the space provided is insufficient for your answer you may use a separate piece of paper marked with your question number to finish your response. Please be thorough in your answers and complete the entire application.
I.                   Academic/Extracurricular
1)      Please list the school activities in which you have participated . Have you held any leadership responsibilities in these activities? Please explain.
2)      Please list your best academic subjects and which subjects you would feel competent in tutoring others in.
3)      How could your extracurricular activities help you to be an effective Peer Mentor?
4)      Peer Mentors have to attend class, participate in projects and maintain your own grades, could you commit to the Peer Mentor Program and balance your academic and extracurricular activities?
II.                The Peer Mentor Program
1)      What do you feel is the purpose of the Peer Mentor Program?
2)      What is the most important goal you would like to accomplish as a Peer Mentor?
3)      What do you think are 3 characteristics of a successful Peer Mentor? Please explain how you possess those characteristics.
4)      What are 3 personal weaknesses that you would like to improve upon?
5)      Have you ever had to help a peer safely handle a personal problem, if so please explain what steps you took.
6)      Who did you have write your letters of recommendation? Why?
Student signature ____________________________________ Date: _____________
Your first step is complete! Thanks!
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