8th Grade Math Syllabus Burke

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Class Syllabus

8th Grade Math

Mr. Burke

Room 128


I.                   Quarter Grading Procedure


·         Individual Work Notebook- Approximately 30 % of grade

1.      Homework/Writing Activities- must have daily stamp to obtain full credit

2.      Pre-lesson exercises (completed during class time)- must have daily stamp to obtain full credit

3.      Classroom notes must be up to date

***Notebooks will be collected once every week:

2nd period – Monday, 3rd period – Tuesday, 4th Period- Wednesday, 6th period - Thursday***


·         Participation- Approximately 10 % of grade

1.      Classroom participation stamps on daily homework

2.      Maintaining an updated assignment notebook


·         Projects/Labs – Approximately 15% of grade

*** Research or activity driven projects/labs will be completed each quarter.


·         Quizzes – Approximately 15% of grade


·         Exams- Approximately 30% of grade

***No Exam Retakes


·         The word approximately is used to allow some flexibility in the percentages.  Depending on the pace at which the course is taught these percentages may vary.


II.                Class Topics


·         Quarter 1

1.      Number System

2.      Expressions and Equations


·         Quarter 2

3.      Expressions and Equations continued

4.      Functions


·         Quarter 3

5.      Functions continued

6.      Geometry


·         Quarter 4

7.      Geometry continued

8.      Statistics and Probability


III.             Letter Grades


93 – 100               A

90 – 92                  A-


88 – 89                  B+

83 – 87                  B

80 – 82                  B-


78 – 79                  C+

73 – 77                  C

70 – 72                  C-


68 – 69                  D+

63 – 67                  D

60 - 62                  D-

 0 – 59                   F


IV.             Classroom Rules


·         Be prompt.  Being late for class will not be tolerated.

·         Be prepared.  Have a pencil, pen, notebook, and textbook ready to go when class starts.

·         Be polite.  Students should be courteous and respectful to both the teacher and fellow students.

·         Participate.  All students are required to participate during the class.

·         Be positive.  In order to succeed in this class or any class, a positive outlook is needed.

·         Students will be expected to model BOBCAT behaviors at all times.


V.                Cheating Policy


·         Absolutely no cheating will be tolerated!!!!  If a student is cheating on a quiz, test, or homework that student will receive a “0” on that particular piece of work.   If it happens again, then that student will receive an “F” for the quarter in which the second offense occurred.  A cheating offense will carry over to new quarters.  A third offense will lead to a loss of semester credit in the course.


VI.             Semester Grades


·         Semester grades will be determined from an average of the first quarter grade and second quarter grade. 


VII.          Materials for the class


·         One spiral notebook (just for math)

·         Assignment Notebook (handed out in advisor)

·         Booklet of Graph Paper

·         Pencils

·         Pens

·         Eraser

·         Calculator- All students should have a basic 4 function calculator for this class


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