8th Grade Math Syllabus Burke

8th Grade Math

Mr. Burke - room 128

Phone 324-1045    email- jburke@hsd1.org


Classroom Rules:

          Students will be expected to model BOBCAT behaviors at all times.

            Be Safe- All students are expected to help maintain a safe, positive learning environment in the classroom.

            Be Responsible-Students are to be prepared for class and are expected to take responsibility for their actions.

            Be Respectful- Of others’ learning, property, and space.

            Be a Learner-Students are expected to come to class ready to learn and to take an active role in their learning.


Grading Policy

Grades will be posted regularly on PowerSchool.

Student grades will be broken into the following categories:

            Daily Work: Interactive notebook, exit slips, and activities completed in class.

            Homework:  practice of math concepts

            Quizzes:   generally given once per week

            Tests:  Given at the end of each unit of study; generally about 3 per quarter.  Tests will be announced ahead of time and will be graded on the scale below. 


Absolutely no cheating will be tolerated.  If any student is caught cheating on a quiz, test, or homework that student will receive a “0” on that particular piece of work and will be referred to the office for further disciplinary action.


District Wide Grading Scale

92.0 – 100.0%       A           

90.0 -  91.9%         A-

88.0 -  89.9%         B+  

82.0 – 87.9 %       B   

80.0 -  81.9%         B-

78.0  -  79.9%        C+    

72.0  -  77.9%        C

70.0  -  71.9%        C- 

68.0  -  69.9%        D+

62.0  -  67. 9%       D

60.0  -  61.9%        D-

0.00% - 59.9%       F                       


Key Concepts - 8th grade math

Quarter 1:  The Number System, Expressions, and Equations

Quarter 2:  Expressions and Equations continued and functions

Quarter 3:  Functions continued and Geometry

Quarter 4:  Geometry continued, statistics and probability




Class Materials-

          Each student will be given a textbook.  Students will need a brown paper bag to cover their book before the textbook may be taken home.  Each student will need the following materials for class:

·        Spiral notebook

·        Booklet of graph paper

·        Pencils/Pens

·        Paper

·        Eraser

·        4 function calculator


Semester Grades

          Semester grades will be determined from the average of the two quarter grades.


Homework Expectations:

·        Put the heading in the upper right hand corner of the paper.  First and last name, period, and assignment.

·        Homework is an important way to practice skills and help you remember what you are learning.

·        If you are absent, it is your responsibility to get the missing notes and assignment.  Check the assignment board.


Homework Help:  Usually available every morning from 7:35-8:00.  Students should check with me prior to make sure I do not have any school meetings scheduled.


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